Semi-Permanent Makeup Info

Permanent Makeup Information

She...answered all my questions before and after the procedure.
— Adry

What is permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is the perfect solution to a quicker morning routine! The tools and pigments used differ from those used in traditional tattooing, and here's why:

  • You can update your look every few years as trends change, because the pigment is placed into the skin shallow enough that it will fade evenly over time. "Semi-permanent makeup" and "permanent makeup" are used interchangeably; the word "permanent" is in there because it doesn't just wash off.

  • Shallow pigment placing means crisp lines and precise edges that won't blur or discolor (on the right skin type, keep reading).

  • Shorter healing time.

  • Much lower risk of scarring.

Will it work for me?

If you want to wake up with your makeup to save time, energy, and frustration, this is for you. If you want to feel more confident without your full face of makeup you're in the right place. semi-permanent makeup can benefit all ages, genders, skin types, and ethnicities. At least 30% of women are interested in some type of semi-permanent makeup, for good reason!

Who semi-permanent makeup is not for:

If medical contraindications listed here prevent you from getting your service done on the day of, a cancellation fee will be processed, so please read this page thoroughly and reach out to me with any questions right away. If you choose not to follow through with your procedure after arriving for any reason, a cancellation fee will be processed.

If any of the following apply to you, you must discuss details with me for your own well-being, as we may need to:

Postpone or alter your service:

  • fish oil or vitamin e supplements within 1 week (natural blood thinners)

  • steroid or immunosuppressant use

  • prescription antacid use

  • having waxed the area within the last 48 hours

  • electrolysis within the area within the last 5 days

  • piercings in/around the area that cannot be removed

  • alcohol/drug use within 24 hours

  • chemo treatments within the last 6 months

  • caffeine consumption within 24 hours

  • staph or mrsa allergies

  • eczema or psoriasis

  • use of Retin-A within the last 2 weeks

  • hepatitis

  • botox/fillers within the last 2 weeks

  • prescription antibiotics within the last 2 weeks

  • blood pressure issues

  • chemical peels within the last 6 weeks

  • spa-grade AHA usage within the last 2 weeks

  • trichotillomania

  • pregnancy

  • plans to breast feed within the next 3 months

  • sunburnt skin on the area to be treated

  • prior Acutane usage*

  • lesions/moles or broken skin in the area to be treated

Get a doctor's note:

  • ANY regimented medication

  • epilepsy

  • anemia

  • diabetes

  • artificial heart valves

  • heart problems

  • blood problems

  • liver disease

  • diabetes

  • hemophilia

Rethink performing this service:

  • frontal fibrosing alopecia

  • allergies


  • lupus

  • intense scarring on the area

  • history of keloid scarring

  • immunodeficiency

  • Acutane

*If you've taken Acutane, the length of time you took it = the length of time you must be off of it. For example, if you took Acutane for one year, your last dosage must be over one year ago.

Additional info for ombre lip clients only:

If you have a history of cold sores, you must be taking antivirals for at least 3 days prior, and finish your course throughout healing, under your doctor's supervision. Very deep wrinkles around the mouth may result in an uneven look. The following may increase your risk of infection: smoking while healing, braces, recent sinus infection, dental implants, dentures, tongue piercings. Clients with hyperpigmentation on the lips, or very deep complexions, may not be able to achieve their desired result as pigments are semi-sheer. Clients that have had lip injections may not be fit for this service as pigment is more likely to migrate under the skin. No electrolysis around the mouth within 1 week pre-procedure.

Permanent Makeup Prices

Listed on each of the service pages.

Please note: We are typically booked 4-6 weeks out, so plan to book in advance. Great results are worth the wait!