Skin Resurfacing


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JBD Renewal Treatment Prices

Single Session - $150

Please note: We are typically booked 4-6 weeks out, so plan to book in advance. Great results are worth the wait!

What is the JBD Renewal Treatment?

Similar to microneedling (but gentler), our JBD Renewal Treatment encourages the skin to heal itself. This innovative procedure combines powerful skincare with manual stimulation of the uppermost layer of the skin. This treatment stimulates collagen production (which naturally slows as we age). This stimulation kickstarts the “healing” process, reversing signs of aging. In addition, the “channels” created on the surface of the skin allow high-potency skincare products to penetrate better than ever. This service is just as effective at preventing signs of aging, as it is at treating them. It’s an amazing alternative to botox, fillers, and surgery. The best results are seen with repeated treatments. It’s been documented that 4 treatments spaced out by 30 days each, can provide a 400% increase in collagen and elastin (what gives our skin “bounce.”) The service is quick (under an hour), relatively comfortable, and boasts fast, noticeable results!

Will this work on my skin?

First off, this service is for clients of all ages. About 85% of aging is caused by outside factors such as sun exposure & a poor skincare routine. That means that if you start caring for your skin early, you could get away with only a fraction of the premature aging you would have experienced otherwise. Now is the time to prevent! Treats: Acne, Large Pores, Scarring, Lines & Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation & Sun Spots, Rough Texture, Dullness, Stretch Marks & Cellulite, Hair Loss & Thinning Hair, and Broken Capillaries & Spider Veins

How is it different than home dermal rollers?

Home treatments have come quite far, but professional-grade services still take the cake. While dermal rollers do stimulate the skin, allowing slightly better product penetration & promoting collagen production, they’re unable to stimulate the skin properly. Therefore, long-lasting, noticeable results can’t be achieved. Additionally, stimulating the skin should only be done in a clean, professional setting. The risk of infection or adverse reactions is significant with at-home dermal rolling. In short: “Don’t try this at home!”

Skin Aftercare: For The Best Rejuvenation

Immediately after treatment, the skin will look/feel warm, sunburnt, and tight. These effects will subside within a few hours for most patients, but may last up to 2 days for some. For the full 3 days following your treatment: Do not apply any makeup within 1” of the treated area (light eye makeup and lipstick are fine). If applying eye makeup, be sure your brushes are freshly cleaned. Cleanse only with a very mild wash and thoroughly cleansed hands. Do not use a Clarisonic or any other type of facial brush for a full week. If you'd like to use a serum within these 3 days, use only a mild antioxidant serum, free of exfoliants. Using a gentle moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and/or peptides with a broad spectrum SPF of 25+ in this time will enhance your results. Please have these appropriate skincare products waiting at home before coming in for your service. A few of my suggestions would be First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Wash, Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster, and Origins A Perfect World SPF40 moisturizer. In these 3 days, do not use any products containing: AHAs, BHAs, Retinol / Vitamin A, Vitamin C, or exfoliants. A broad spectrum SPF of at least 25 should be used each day in these first 3 days post-procedure, but limiting sun exposure is highly recommended as well. I do not recommend using drugstore skincare products post-treatment. Also avoid for 3 days: tanning beds/booths, spray tans, swimming, strenuous activity, excessive sweating, or gym environments.