Eyelash Extensions


Before & After Photos

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Eyelash Extension Prices

Volume Eyelashes

  • Full Set $225

  • 2-Week Fill $80

  • 3-Week Fill $110

Transfer - $150

Removal - $150

Please note: We are typically booked 4-6 weeks out, so plan accordingly. Great lashes are worth the extra planning!

What kind of lash extensions do you use?

Volume lashes are the healthiest, most valuable style, and we want only the best for our clients. For the most natural look, please request a shorter length. Colored accent lashes are complimentary upon request. We’ve discontinued offering classic and hybrid (a mix of classic and volume) lashes. Classic lashes are typically heavier than the volume fans we use, causing more stress on the natural lash line. They also do not hold up as well between fills (twisting, or appearing too sparse). Our volume lash extensions will fit you perfectly!

For Clients Who Have Lash Extensions Already

If you're current wearing lashes done by another artist and are due for a fill, please book a transfer service. The health of your natural lashes will be assessed, any extensions causing pain/damage will be removed, and you will leave with a new full set.

If more than 50% of your lash extensions will have shed by our next available opening, please book a full set.

Lash Aftercare: How To Keep Them Looking Great

Avoid wetting your lashes or exposing them to steam for at least 24 hours. Early exposure to water can cause extensions to clump, leading to natural lash loss. The nano-mister used throughout your service assists in curing the adhesive quicker, but it's better to be safe than sorry! Note: All adhesives require different "dry" times, so that 24-hour rule may look different at other salons. While wearing lash extensions of any kind, any products containing oil should be kept 1" away from the lash line. Check the ingredients of your skincare, makeup, mists, etc. Oils will loosen your extensions and cause fallout. No matter whether you wear makeup or not, lashes must be cleansed every night to remove dirt and oil. To cleanse, I recommend Blink Lash Primer and a fluffy synthetic makeup brush. Clean lashes stay on longer and keep your natural lashes healthy, so protect your investment! Do not tug at or pick at your extensions, as this can damage your natural lash line. Wearing mascara on your upper lash line is a big no-no, and eyeliner is not recommended. The effort it takes to remove it can cause fallout of both extensions as well as natural lashes, and the time it takes to remove residue at your fill appointment takes away from time we could spend building up your look.