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Henna Brow+Freckle
Certification Course Information

With Jessie Dillon, one of just two certified Hennatician trainers in the USA!

  • What are henna brows and freckles?
    In short: Your new best friend. Henna brows and freckles are skin-friendly, semi-permanent solutions to a faster morning routine. Check out this FAQ that I share with all of my clients, for a full overview!

  • Why would I want to add these services to my menu?
    - They offer instant gratification to your clients.
    - They’re fast and simple to perform.
    - They’ll quickly build your repeat-client list.
    - If you offer permanent makeup services, henna brows are a great gateway for anxious clients, and a good alternative for those with medical contraindications to PMU.
    - They are are not widely offered in the US yet, so you’ll be on the cutting edge of something new and exciting!

  • Why not just buy a henna kit and follow the instructions?
    While some kits and instructional packets will “get you started,” there’s never enough information included to make you the best provider around. Most that do not invest in a fully-loaded, hands-on training, will quickly give up on what could be an incredible moneymaker.. all because they were not fully prepared, and couldn’t achieve lasting results. By enrolling in a certification course, you’ll get it right from the start and pay off your investment with just a handful of clients.

  • Who can take this course?
    While anyone is more than welcome to attend, you must check with your local Board of Health and/or Board of Cosmetology to determine licensing requirements for offering henna services in a professional setting.

  • Why should I take this course over the rest?
    Before entering the world of 1:1 beauty services and opening my own studio, I was an education manager for Sephora! For 5 years, it was my role to educate a team of up to 100 MUAs, skincare experts, fragrance advisors, and client service personnel. Collecting and sharing knowledge is my #1 forever-passion, but building a business is now a close second. I want to share the incredible Hennatician brand with you, and help you make it work for your business. And as an artist that values quality, becoming a certified trainer with this brand was a no-brainer. The Hennatician brand is so committed to education, so committed to sourcing the best ingredients, and so eager to unite us beauty industry professionals. Whether or not you’ve dabbled with henna products in the past, theirs are about to change the way you present this service.

  • What will I learn?
    Topics covered: The Henna Concept, Kit Review, Safety/Sanitation, The Science of Henna, Contraindications, The Hennatician Application Procedure, Hennatician Pigments, Color Assessment and Selection, FAQs, Marketing, and Legalities.

  • How big are the classes?
    To ensure that you take away everything you need from this course, I keep class sizes small. Classes held at the studio will have a limit of 4 students. Classes held at cosmetology/esthetics schools may be of a larger size.

  • How long is each class?
    You should block off 6 hours for this course just to be safe, but class typically runs for about 4. The class duration is determined by how much discussion goes on, and how long models take. We will take a short 15min break halfway through the class.

  • Will I get to work on a model, or just watch a demonstration?
    Students will either perform henna brow services on each other, or on models, depending on the number of students in the class. As for henna freckles, students will either perform this service on a model, perform this service on themselves or a classmate if they desire, or watch a demonstration. Students do not need to bring their own models for either service.

  • When is the next class?
    Check out Jessie’s Instagram or Facebook page for information on upcoming courses. You can also reach out directly: jessiedillonbeauty@gmail.com.

  • How do I enroll?
    To enroll, please email jessiedillonbeauty@gmail.com.

  • How early do I need to enroll?
    To ensure that your student kit arrives on time, you must enroll at least 2 weeks prior to class, unless otherwise noted on the course flyer.

  • How do I prepare for class?
    Please arrive with full knowledge of your local regulations around offering henna services. Please also fully review my henna client FAQ, as we may be performing these services on each other. You must prepare/arrive as a client should arrive for a henna brow service. This will ensure that you get the most out of the class. And again, while the course typically runs for 4 hours, please set aside 6. Wear comfortable clothing, glasses if needed, and bring a snack.

  • What is the cost of the class, and what will I leave with?
    The total cost of the course is $750. This includes a student kit with everything needed to perform the highest level henna brow/freckle services, immediately after class. Nothing is left out of my customized kits. The henna pigments in the kits will support about 180 services ($8100-$13,500 in gross revenue). In addition to your kit, you will leave with exclusive access to the private Hennatician FB support group, exclusive access to video tutorials, your all-encompassing training manual, the client consult form, the client waiver form, and unlimited support from myself.

  • Do I pay in full, or in installments?
    A 50% deposit is due upon booking, in order to reserve your seat in class. This deposit is non-refundable. If you find that you’re no longer able to attend the course that you enrolled for, you may transfer this deposit to the next available course if at least 2 weeks notice was given. Without at least 2 weeks notice, the deposit cannot be transferred to the next available course. Deposits made via Venmo (@jessiemdillon_) are eligible for a 5% discount. If an e-receipt is needed, an invoice will be sent to the provided email address, that can be paid with any major credit or debit card. The remaining 50% of the total course cost is due 1 week prior to the start of class. This portion can also be paid via Venmo (5% discount), or invoice.

Questions? Email jessiedillonbeauty@gmail.com.