Fake Freckles

Summertime Skin, All Year

She asked questions and gave me the exact look I was looking for.
— Miosotis

Before & After Pictures

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Faux Freckle Prices

Faux Freckles - $100

Please note: We are typically booked 4-6 weeks out, so plan to book in advance. Great results are worth the wait!

What are faux freckles?

This is the cutest addition to the semi-permanent makeup family! We all love our summertime freckles, but how can we have them year-round without unhealthy sun exposure? This service is customized for every client, with specialized placement, tools, colors, and sizes. Faux freckles can be done anywhere on the face or body, and last 6-12 months for most. Those with a harsher skincare routine may see earlier fading on the face. Tattoo freckle services begin with specific, precise placement and numbing (topicals only).

Skin Aftercare: How to Take Care of Your New Freckles

When you leave your appointment, you'll have Aquaphor dotted over each freckle. Please wait at least 3 hours before washing the area. After that, cleanse and moisturize twice daily ONLY with products recommended by your artist for 5 days. Note that alternate skincare products used within 1" of the treated area may lead to poor healed results. Do not wear any makeup within 1" of the area. Also avoid rubbing, picking, excessive steam, sweating, swimming, tanning beds, or tanning booths. Mild scabbing is not abnormal. Pigment will fade noticeably over these 5 days. As of day 6, you can resume your normal routine. If you have any concerns, do not attempt to alter your own freckles, please just reach out to me! In the long run, the following may decrease the life of your freckles: sun exposure without SPF, retinol/acids within 1" of the area, and any skincare products meant to brighten or resurface within 1" of the area.