Permanent Eyeliner


Permanent Eyeliner Pricing

Top Liner
or Lashline Enhancement

  • First Session $300

  • 5-7 Week Touch-up $100

  • Color-boost $175 (same artist)

Bottom Liner

  • First Session $300

  • 5-7 Week Touch-up $100

  • Color-boost $175 (same artist)

Top & Bottom Liner

  • First Session $450

  • 5-7 Week Touch-up $100

  • Color-boost $225 (same artist)

Stardust Liner

  • First session $500

  • 5-7 Week Touchup $100

  • Color-boost $300 (same artist)

Please note: We are typically booked 4-6 weeks out, so plan to book in advance. Great results are worth the wait!
New clients: Please be sure to review the studio policies on our booking page.
*Touchups rescheduled for beyond 7 weeks from the initial appointment are priced at $150. Additional time is needed after that point, to perfect.

What is permanent eyeliner?

If you use eyeliner, mascara, lash lifting/tinting, or lash extensions to make your eyes look more alluring, this is a dream come true. We provide pro-quality permanent liner applications that last. Liner can be used to reshape the eye, enhance the iris’ color, fill out the lashes, and captivate! Like all cosmetic tattooing, these services save you time, energy, and frustration during your morning routine. They’re especially useful for people with poor eyesight, who find it difficult to apply eyeliner in the mirror. We use a delicate technique of implanting pigment, meaning your liner will not blur (like traditional tattoos do) as time passes - maintaining a youthful look.

What is Stardust Liner?

We like to think of Lashline Enhancement as the '“training bra” of permanent makeup. Now, think of Stardust Liner as your lacey, nude lingerie set. It’s sexy and feminine, yet gentle and work-appropriate. This technique mimics a smoked-out powder eyeliner. A super-dark lashline diffuses upward onto the lid, creating a gorgeous gradient & tiny wing that is just sultry enough for everyday. If you’re turned off by the look of old-school eyeliner tattoos, but want your eyes to be the center of attention… this is for you. Permanent liner: Modernized, softened, and irresistible. Note: Stardust Liner is not suitable for clients with hooded eyes, heavily creased eyes, thinning skin, or very vascular eyelids.

If you’ve already booked your service, you must fully review this page, as well as the “contraindications” page linked below. There is critical information on both pages that you will need in order to prepare for your appointment.

For Clients Who Have Permanent Makeup Already

Have you been to Jessie Dillon Beauty before?

Clients returning to Jessie Dillon Beauty for 1- or 2- year refreshing should book color-boosts with their original artist. These appointments don't include major re-drawing, so the shape of your liner must still be visible all around. If it is not visible enough, the cost of the service will be adjusted accordingly.

Was your permanent makeup done elsewhere?

Most services done on top of existing permanent makeup require color/shape correcting. In some cases, removal would be required to achieve your desired result. For this reason, please reach out via phone or email to discuss your case prior to booking. All clients with existing permanent makeup done by another artist will need a full first-timer session, and at least one 5-7 week touch-up to achieve their desired result. 5-7 week touch-up and color-boost pricing is for returning clients only.

Liner Aftercare: How to Take are of Your New Eyeliner

Throughout the entire healing process (day 1 until peeling is completed, typically by day 7-10), avoid: saunas, steam rooms, tanning beds, tanning booths, excessive steam, excessive sweating, and direct streams of water. Do not apply makeup or skincare within 1” of the area, and stay out of the sun. It’s also critical to avoid very hot showers or baths, and any other source of steam to prevent pigment migration (color bleeding under the skin). Do not pick, peel, scratch, or unnecessarily touch the area at all. Now here’s what you should do: On day 1, keep the area dry. Many clients like to ice the area to reduce swelling, just be sure to keep a clean towel between the skin and the ice. On day 2, Still keep the skin dry. It is normal for swelling to continue throughout day 2, but typically starts to improve by the end of the day. On day 3, you can begin applying a very thin layer of Aquaphor with clean hands, as needed. The skin should feel hydrated, but not look wet. Peeling and light scabbing is normal, as is asymmetry throughout healing. The liner can not be judged until 5 weeks, and at your 6-week touchup we will perfect it. If at any point you experience discomfort or signs of infection, contact both your artist and primary care doctor immediately. Never attempt to alter your own PMU.

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