Permanent Eyeliner

Eyes that capture, others’ eyes.

I feel pretty, And that’s huge. I am so happy I went to Jessie.
— Hailey

Permanent Eyeliner Prices

Top Liner

  • First Session $300

  • 5-7 Week Touch-up $100

  • Color-boost $175 (same artist)

Bottom Liner

  • First Session $300

  • 5-7 Week Touch-up $100

  • Color-boost $175 (same artist)

Top & Bottom Liner

  • First Session $450

  • 5-7 Week Touch-up $100

  • Color-boost $225 (same artist)

Please note: We are typically booked 4-6 weeks out, so plan to book in advance. Great results are worth the wait!

*Rescheduled touch-ups will cost $150 after the 7 week period.

What is permanent eyeliner?

If you use eyeliner to make your eyes look more alluring, this is a dream come true. We are able to give you a professional quality eyeliner application that will last. It can be used to reshape the eye, enhance the iris’ color, fill out the lashes and captivate! Tattooed eyeliner saves time and effort from you morning routine. It is especially useful for people with poor eyesight who find it difficult to apply eyeliner themselves. Unlike a traditional tattoo, permanent eyeliner uses pigment, not ink. This means that it will not blur as time passes - maintaining a youthful look.

For Clients Who Have Permanent Makeup Already

Have you been to Jessie Dillon Beauty before?

Touch-ups rescheduled for beyond 7 weeks from the first session will be $150. The liner already begins to fade after healing from the first session, so there is typically more work to be done. Clients returning to Jessie Dillon Beauty for 1- or 2- year refreshing should book color-boosts. These appointments don't include major re-drawing, so the shape of your liner must still be visible all around. If it is not visible enough, the cost of the service will be adjusted accordingly.

Was your permanent makeup done elsewhere?

Most services done on top of existing permanent makeup require color/shape correcting. In some cases, removal would be required to achieve your desired result. For this reason, please reach out via phone or email to discuss your case prior to booking. All clients with existing permanent makeup done by another artist will need a full first-timer session, and at least one 5-7 week touch-up to achieve their desired result. 5-7 week touch-up and color-boost pricing is for returning clients only.